Poem of the Week: Apology in D Minor

Barbara Sillery
Cape Cod Branch


The sky is falling.
There’s a hole in the ground.
Hug me. Hug me, now.


The road is too narrow.
The hill is too steep.
Hug me, hug me quick.


I didn’t do it right.
I didn’t do it at all.
Hug me. Hold me. Please.


It just happened that’s all.
It does you know—
flat tires, gray hairs, wrong turns,
hurricanes, fires, floods, pestilence,
and then there’s that big one—Woe.
A half a hug would do.


It sounds better in French:
Je ne sâis pas pourquoi—
I do not know why, 
but the logic remains as pitiful.
So perhaps, s’il vous plaît,
un petite hug por moi? 


So here I stand
awaiting the verdict,
wishing I could
create a reason,
even an unreason
would be nice.
But what if there isn’t?


Hug me anyway?


  1. Like the poem message. Hugs are medicine for when life is not beautiful

  2. Thanks, Barbara. I’ve read somewhere that we need 8 hugs a day to keep our endorphins moving properly. So keep asking – and the next time we’re at our meeting, I’ll certainly give you one. I’m a big support of hugging.

  3. Sheila was right. It hits home. Everybody needs a good hug occasionally. Beautiful writing!

  4. http://sara%20etgen-baker says

    creative…! I like it!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. We all have so many shared experiences.

  6. Bien fait, Madame! Mais la solution: C’est l’amour de l’autre; l’amour qui donne et qui se donne…

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  8. Barbara, the best creative writing, like this, cuts right to the heart of our human experience. Well done, and thank you for sharing. Hugs.

  9. Dear Barbara,
    This hit me right in the gut. Thank you.