Art of the Week: Still Life with Peachblow Vase

Kathryn Kleekamp
NLAPW Cape Cod Branch
Still Life with Peachblow Vase
Oil on Canvas
Size: 13″ x 22″



Kathryn was inspired to paint this favorite vase of her husband, Charles. He was given it by his mother, Irene, who was an antique collector. The vase has been featured on a United States Postage Stamp.



  1. Jane Parhiala says

    Kathryn, Absolutely beautiful and captivating…so peaceful to look at …a masterpiece!

  2. -o- Kathy … Absolutely breath-taking …

  3. Diane McDonough says

    Kathryn, I, too, didn’t realize it was a painting. Splendid work!

  4. Phyllis M. Washburn says

    Loved this painting for many reasons. Loved the shadowing, bright yellow of the flowers and the personal history.

  5. It took me a moment to realize that this was a painting. The shadows from the flowers drew me right in to the elegant and beautiful still life composition. Wonderful work! So proud to be associated with such talent in our league!

  6. stunning, I adore the warm colors and dark shadows

  7. What a beautiful painting. The Cape Cod Branch is so fortunate to have this most talented artist and writer so very active in our branch.

  8. Kathy, How eautiful a memory of your favorite vase. I love the composition, colors and the contrast of colors in the plate. Of course you have a great eye for the art-beauty!!

  9. Kathryn, this is stunning. Lovely.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  10. Dorothy Kamm says

    Lovely painting. It looks so dimensional. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Barb Whitmarsh says


  12. Charlene Holloway says

    Great artistic painting. Colors are superb! What an honor to have one’s family member’s heirloom used on the United States postage stamp!

  13. sara etgen-baker says

    I can feel the history behind this vintage vase. Thanks for capturing it so exquisitely!