Art of the Week: Garden Path

Abby Feinknopf
Central Ohio Branch, NLAPW
Garden Path, Acrylic



Abby Feinknopf considers herself a mixed-media artist who continues to evolve. She began her career in fabric collage and moved to watercolor, then acrylic. She is inspired by patterns: patterns in nature, fabric, and architecture. And she loves bold color! When Feinknopf began working in fabric collage, it felt good to be able to repurpose clothing, notions, vintage flour, sugar and salt bags and to try to keep waste to a minimum. She also loves to needlepoint and embroider, so, often, those touches are added to a piece!


After finishing treatment for breast cancer in 2016, she found herself craving color. It was a cold, gray and dreary winter when she began painting in acrylic. Feinknopf decided to paint for herself, and her only! It was very abstract and very bright. Her paintings often come out of a grey canvas, representing her return to creativity after being sick.


Feinknopf has been told her work is “happy”. It pleases her that it resonates with others. Currently she is pursuing work for use in children’s hospitals and medical centers, so that hopefully it can lift spirits where needed!



  1. Cindy Mackin says

    Abby’s work describes her as a person…colorful and beautiful!

  2. Abby is talented in all phases of art. She has earned a NLAPW certificate in both Art and Letters. Besides being gifted, talented and blessed, she is truly a nice person.

    Rosalie Ungar
    February 14, 2018

  3. So colorful and cheerful! Your work is beautiful, Abby! 🙂

  4. Beautiful work! Makes me happy.

  5. Charlene Holloway says

    Abby–I do love how you integrate very colorful artwork. As an author who once had the opportunity to open the blind to allow the bright yellow “Sunshine’ come in for my maternal Grandmother to see and cheer her while she was recuperating from a massive stroke, let’s me know that bright colors make one happy. My maternal Grandmother lived another 16 years into her late 70’s. She was able to return back to work in my Grandfather’s florist business using many colorful flowers such as your painting.
    Today I feel very blessed to view your colorful artwork.

  6. Barb Whitmarsh says


  7. Martyna Burford says

    I, too, have survived breast cancer and appreciate her love for colors, which are beautiful. The structure is not my style, but I hope she will give brightness to many other cancer survivors.

  8. Tracy Lanum says

    Bravo, Abby. Your paintings are happy and will make hospitalized children happy as well.

  9. Brenda Layman says

    I love this. It’s so bright and happy. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Sara Etgen-Baker says

    Abby–I love the vibrancy and energy in this piece of work. I needed to see color on this cold, dreary day here in Texas. Yes, your work is “happy” and ignites the spirit within. You’re blessed.