Poem of the Week: Earthsong

Dawn Huntley Spitz
Cape Cod Branch


A Sonnet

We love you, our Mother Earth, who gave us birth

We bless the land so fair you gladly share

We thank you for all you give that we may live

Your majesty we praise through all our days.

And yet we in our greed take much more than we need,

Plundering without remorse our very source,

Destroying by degrees our wildlife and our trees

We waste without concern, we slash and burn.

O creatures of the earth, you respect its worth,

This precious home on which you live and roam

Before mankind arrived, you flourished and you thrived.

But humans lack the key to harmony

And if we do not learn, before the point of no return,

To make amends… our story ends.



  1. Loved this poem for its beauty and it’s message. Well written.Phyllis M. Washburn

  2. Dorothy Kamm says

    Excellent poem!

  3. Powerful poem and sadly, true. Thank you for sharing and may you continue to write your and our love and respect for nature.

  4. I loved it Dawn …

    -As Mankind calms his ‘nature’ … Mother will be pleased.-. … – Happy Thanksgiving …

  5. What a beautiful way to express the gratitude we should show to the earth and its bounty.

  6. Barb Whitmarsh says


  7. Tracy Lanum says

    This insightful poem speaks to my soul. Thank you Dawn.

  8. Sara Etgen-Baker says

    I like it! And during this Thanksgiving time, I’d hope we’d all pause to think “Mother Earth” for all the bounty she provides, even life itself. Thanks for sharing your sonnet!