Art of the Week: Angels in the Garden

Polly Curran
Sarasota, Florida Branch

Angels In the Garden
Photography, 16 x 20

Polly Curran is an award-winning nature photographer. “The natural beauty of each individual leaf or flower becomes a work of art through the camera”. Their natural beauty gives a strong sense of intimacy in even the smallest things.

Curran photographs flowers, trees, butterflies and other garden friends. Her approach is founded on the cultural art of Ikebana and Haiku poetry; having studied these for many years while living in Japan. By using simple stroke lines and off-centered presentation, she creates work that captivates the eye.

“I try to bring out the best feature of a flower, leaf or tree to capture the soul of the image. For ‘Angels in the Garden,’ when I saw this image in the camera it was an emotional experience. Here was the beautiful orchid in the middle of unfurling it’s petals. Afterward, I created a Haiku poem to go along with it.

Angels in the Garden
Wings unfold in Nature’s beauty.
A flower blooms

This is my new focus – Haiku Photography. As I view deeply into a unique flower searching for the light, the space, the angle which elevates the image, I feel a sense of excitement when I find the ‘look’ I know is there.”



  1. Lovely, the photo and the Haiku.

  2. Beautiful work from Polly … as always. A well deserved honor for a lovely photographic artist!

  3. Beautiful image and in integrating it with your delicate poem it becomes so special!

  4. Barb Jendrysik says:

    Your work is so beautiful. And the title is perfect! You definitely created for me a lot of emotion through this photograph.

  5. Virginia Campbell says:

    How incredibly creative: Photography and Haiku, I just love it. Please share more with us.

  6. Gorgeous! Your haiku added another layer of beauty to it too.

  7. Wilma Davidson says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonder!

  8. Out standing photography and heartfelt poem.

  9. Barb Whitmarsh says:


  10. Gorgeous Polly – Thank You. …

    I became a PW member in Sarasota in 2001 … and my Life has been sooo enriched by PW involvement (Sarasota branch: 2001-2006* … Denver Branch 2006-2010 … Cape Cod Branch 2010 – present/ on ‘the board’ in Denver and ‘here’) !

    Were You a member in Sarasota *years ago? …

    Please ‘give my LOVE’ to the PW ladies <3. Thanks … Linda Ohlson Graham

    • Linda,

      We are former New Englanders, Westford, vacationed on the Cape many times. I’ve been a Pen Women for about 2 1/2 years, now 1VP for 18 months. My photography began about 2005 when I invited a group of photographers to come visit my garden to teach my garden club how to photograph their flowers. I was a quick leaner. Go to my website: to enjoy more and especially the ikebana floral arrangements

      I will ask if there are members who were here when you were.
      Thank you for enjoying my art

  11. Beautiful!

  12. Tracy Lanum says:

    Stunning, certainly the photo but the poem as well. It speaks of what is in your heart. Congratulations.

  13. Absolutely exquisite. A gift to the soul!

  14. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    you have a beautiful, patient spirit. And perhaps you, too, are an angel. I can sense your deep, soulful connection with nature; thanks for capturing the beauty in the things unfolding all around us. Your photography and haiku touched me. Thank you