Poem of the Week: Magic Butterfly

Anne Ring
La Jolla Branch


Resting on a petal of the crimson oleander
Lemon-coloured fragile wings
Folded to the night,
Black antennae poised alert to warn of hidden danger
Yellow wings fan out once more
In the fading light.

Once a prisoner entombed you began your transformation
From the mud upon the earth
You rose to the sky;
Gliding through the universe resplendent in your beauty
Gossamer the wings so bright
Bearing you on high.

Gentler than the snowfall on some far-off hidden mountain
Ancient symbol of the soul
Are you here by chance?
Do you simply flutter through the days in careless rapture
Hovering above the flowers
Eager for the dance.

Or is there some deeper meaning to your sojourn here on earth
Herald to me as you fly
As you whisper by
Tell me all the secrets that lie hidden in your glory
Once, just once before I die
Magic Butterfly.


  1. Barbara Milstein says:

    We echo all these beautiful, beautiful
    comments about your incredible
    talents, Anne,
    capturing the magnificent
    butterfly, who carry so
    much magic with them!:)
    Lots of love, Barbara & Howard Milstein

    • anne ring says:

      Oh! Dear Barbara and Howard, Thank you so much. It means so much to know that I have something to share with all my dear friends on this beautiful earth, because, in spite of all the tragic pitfalls somehow we manage to pull ourselves up, dust ourselves down and, hopefully start all over again! Undaunted we go forward carrying the banner of Peace and Love to all. Thank you again my dear, dear friends. Love Anne

  2. Shelly Reed Thieman says:

    Applause from Iowa, Ann. This is a beautiful, delightfully lyrical poem and I am grateful for the quiet, introspective place it carried me.

    • anne ring says:

      Dear Shelly, Thank you so much for your lovely tribute to MAGIC BUTTERFLY. I am humbled by the connection you and so many of our fellow Pen Women have made. To love is to share. Love Anne

  3. Laura Walth says:

    The picture you paint with your words is so beautiful it makes me wish I were an artist that could paint those images on canvas. I could even visualize the butterfly whispering in your ear something that none of us could hear, but you.

    • Dear Laura, Thank you for your beautiful comments. I am so happy to share my poem with you and other wonderful Members of PEN Women. Best Anne

  4. Beautifully done. It takes us to another realm of thought, away from the pressing thoughts of the day. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dear Brenda, Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. It is wonderful to share our work isn’t it? We are so lucky to be fellow Members of PEN. Best Anne

  5. Charlene Holloway says:

    This poem is written by a woman with much appreciation of nature. Hopefully, this Pen Woman will be asked to read this poem time and time again, on television, radio and other media. Bravo!

    • Dear Charlene, What a lovely review of my poem. I am humbled by your words and thankful and happy to be able to share with my fellow Members of PEN. Best regards Anne

  6. Lois Batchelor Howard says:

    Anne, this is a sensational sensuous poem. Like the butterfly, It just floats. Your words and the vision are beautifully one. It is now at the very top favorite poems of mine ever. I love that it begs reading again and again. Congratulations! You have such insight and imagination and talent. YOU are THE MAGIC POET!

    • Dear Lois, How lovely of you to say the things you do about my poetry. Of course you know how much I admire your work! I love each and every poem you have written and am always awaiting more. Love Anne

  7. Barb Whitmarsh says:


    • Dear Barb, You are so right about the Monarchs. They used to come through La Jolla regularly each year but alas we seldom see them anymore. Butterflies are such beautiful creatures aren’t they? Thank you for your comments on my poem. Best Anne

  8. So many secrets held by the butterfly and the mystic is beautifully captured in this poem.

    • Dear Patricia, Thank you so much for your thoughts about my poem Magic Butterfly. It is true I think, the butterfly holds many secrets. Love Anne

  9. Lovely! The language is as graceful as the subject.

    • Dear Brenda, Thank you for your beautiful tribute to my poem – yes it is true, butterflies are so graceful. In spite of all the problems the world is still the most beautiful place to live. Love Anne

  10. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    Oh! You captured the essence of the beautiful, adoring butterflies. You must be a butterfly whisperer! Seriously, what a lovely read. I, too, often wonder what insights and hidden truths the butterfly might tell me about transformation. Butterflies are fascinating, inspirational creatures.

    • Dear Sara, Thank you for your beautiful comments regarding MAGIC BUTTERFLY. How I wish I was a Butterfly Whisperer! Think of all the secrets I would know.hahahaha Love Anne

  11. Mary J. Meagher says:

    Lovely visual images. The rhythm is as graceful and light
    as the bitterfly itself. Well done!

  12. Wow! This is an incredible poem! It begs to be spoken out loud. Wonderful!!

    • Dear Dawn, What a lovely tribute to MAGIC BUTTERFLY. I would love to read it aloud sometime,somewhere. It is wonderful to be able to share with my fellow PEN Members. Love Anne