Poem of the Week: Trust

Elizabeth Sharon
Bayou City Branch 2


it’s a relationship with a greenish hue

old copper rust through time

a penny awash in the sea of hands

ole miss Liberty in the sun


when it was new, shiny, freshly minted

there was trust in what was seen

in what lay beneath the gleam

but sorely still the glimmer fades


each broken trust and confidence

an oxidized splotch, a leaking flue

and in the process, sore through life

trust lost a part and fell to rust



  1. Really nice! My long-ago English teacher, Miss Jayne, would have called this “pithy.” There is much meaning in a few carefully chosen words.

  2. Mary J. Meagher says:

    Clever extended metaphor. I love the ending internal rhyme.

  3. Diane Glass says:

    Ditto! and wow… What a visual in words.

  4. Wow! This is GOOD! Riveting, heartfelt and so very much today. Kudos, Elizabeth!