Art of the Week: “Roots and Wings”

Roots and Wings

Bronze, life-size

Renate Burgyan Fackler

Central Ohio Branch



Roots and Wings, a life-size bronze sculpture by artist Renate Burgyan Fackler, was inspired by a poem of the same title. In this sculpture, a young girl is releasing a bird encouraging it to embrace life. She is both grounded and suspended at the same time. “I strive to bring my sculptures to life, engaging my audience in an emotionally uplifting experience,” Fackler said.


This sculpture, like many of her works, was created using the complex method of lost wax bronze casting.


A member of the Central Ohio Branch, Fackler’s works are found in the collections of The Museum of Women in the Arts, The White House, John Glen International Airport, The Ohio State University, and private individuals.


To learn more about Renate Fackler, her studio, and her work visit her website at


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  1. Marlene Klotz says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Such a joy to see such delicacy and grace
    in Renate’s art.

  2. Mary Pat Canes says:

    This is truly an uplifting piece of sculpture!

  3. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    impressive and most definitely a captivating and unique piece of art. And, yes, it was uplifting. Thank you for embracing your creativity!

  4. Beautiful piece, would look wonderful in my garden

  5. Patti Kewisch says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!

  6. Dorothy Kamm says:

    Awesome artwork. I love the way you interpreted the title.

  7. What a beautiful setting for such a lovely sculpture! The bronze works so well against the greenery and makes for an uplifting piece. It’s amazing that Renate can make such a lifelike replica out of metal, and make us believe there is a bird in flight and a breeze whirling the young lady’s skirt. Brava!

  8. Tracy Lanum says:

    Delightfully magnificent.