Poem of the Week: Rain Dance

Shelly Reed Thieman
Letters Member, Treasurer – Des Moines Branch


In mud nest threatened

by black conclave of clouds,

a tiny robin opens its throat

for the reception of earth

worm and Juneberry.


I rain dance in shallow pond

of lush reeds, massage earth

with bare feet. Sweet thunder

is a kettledrum setting

the cadence of evening.


Ponderosa pine prostrate.

A pair of barred owls startle

when their perch snaps

from its trunk like a phantom

femur from its pelvis.


Mottled with rust, ancient

wind chimes surrender

their clapper and three silver

rods to horizontal rain.

Lightning swings her sword.



  1. Tracy Lanum says:

    I so wish I had the ability to write poetry like you do, Shelly. It is a “masterful work.”

    • Shelly Reed Thieman says:

      Tracy, such a kind kudo! I read far more poetry than I write, and I really believe it has a profound effect on the quality of my work when I do write. If you are not part of a local poetry group, find one! The workshop experience is so helpful for the editing process. Best, Shelly

  2. I do love this poem.



  4. Dorothy Kamm says:

    Love the imagery!

  5. A beautiful poem! There are several extremely effective evocations here, from the branch snapping from under the owls, to the mottled, old wind chimes, to Lightning, personified, swinging her sword (nice alliteration). Masterful work. Thanks for sharing.

    • Shelly Reed Thieman says:

      Brenda, I am grateful for your very thoughtful comments on my poem.
      Sincere thanks!