Poem of the Week: The Summer Party

Lois Batchelor Howard
Palm Springs, CA Branch


I look into the corner

of my backyard

and the green and flowering


are huddled together.

They look like a cocktail party

with too many guests.

Whom shall I uninvite?

Shears in my hand I approach

the foxtail lily desert candles

the wall germandus

the fairy bells

the bougainvillea

I know this is rude to say to them,

but I do.  “It is too crowded here.”

They laugh and I hear their thoughts

become audible in the late afternoon sun,

“but none of us wants to leave.”

I look at my shears, put them down,

and return with a cocktail to join them.



  1. Joyce H. Phillips says:

    The drink is a lot more fun than gardening anyway…

  2. Solveig Peck says:

    Wonderful imagry! I can just see this. I’ll join Tricia with a Cosmos Cosmo!

  3. Patty kerr says:

    I have felt this way before.but never guide so poetically.love it!

  4. This poem made me chuckle out loud! Great ending.

  5. Lois, you have done it again! Nature speaks and you give us its words and then, at the end, toss us a surprise — Cheers!

  6. I love the deftly handled surprise in the last two lines of THE SUMMER PARTY!

  7. Marjorie Preszler says:

    Thanks. I travel the same path.

  8. Linda N Woito says:

    Very nice, touching, true. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ellison Walcott says:

    I love the tone and images…and the humor…The ending is surprising. I expected a vase…

  10. Lois,

    What lovely imagery and effective personalization! I like this poem so much that I would like to join the cocktail party with you.

    • I’m with Brenda, Lois. You so endeared yourself to us by creating a poem which is like a short short story with an O. Henry twist. Count me in for a Cosmo. Happy gardening–and watering–to all.

  11. Virginia Franklin Campbell says:

    Love it Lois, I hope we get to meet someday. I have enjoyed the collection you sent me. You’ll hear more about Ekphrasis in the not to distant future.

  12. I love this! It made me smile in understanding!