Poem of the Week: Words

Sandra Seaton Michel
Diamond State Branch


The wonder, the plunder, the marvel of words

that snap our attention, cause anger and fear,

joy and elation, laughter and tears

and sometimes,


sprinkle fairy dust upon the ordinary.


There it was, “apples, sauced.”

Oh, how delightful that sounds,

a delectable dish, undoubtedly served

with swagger and swish.

Not plain old apple sauce,

which children love

and hospitals too

but you won’t find it taught at Cordon Blue.



  1. Sheila M. Byrnes says:


    I loved your poem “Words.” I could actually hear your voice reading the poem. A delight! I miss seeing you and enjoying your perfectly cooked eggs.


    • Sandra Michel says:

      Many thanks for your comment. It’s funny I was thinking about the soft boiled eggs and the fun we had at board week the other day. It is good to hear from you Stay well, Fondly, Sandra

  2. Martyna Burford says:

    Sweet! It tells me that with just a little swish I can even sprinkle fairy dust on my sea-salty fish. Thanks!

    • Sandra Michel says:

      Many thanks for your comment — and oooo salty sea fish and fairy dust – what fun.

  3. Delighted to see and enjoy a poem by you. You always had a way with words. It seems you now have more time to be creative. Good for YOU!

    • Sandra Michel says:

      Hi Pat,
      How nice of you to comment on my poem. I’m not doing much writing but trying to get myself going again.
      Hope all is well with you, Fondly Sandra

  4. Love it! Enjoyed the rhyme with delectable dish and swagger and swish. Also enjoyed the way you took something ordinary and made it extraordinary. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sandra Michel says:

      Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed writing this poem
      and it makes me very happy when others enjoy it too.

  5. Sandra,

    What a delightful poem – it makes me smile. I’d love to read a collection of such poems!