Poem of the Week: Mendocino Revisited

Christine Horner
Alameda/Diablo Branch, CA


This place is different
every time we come, new,
wind-washed, sea-beaten.

Old woods are eaten
larger in every pore, the grain
exposed more deeply.

Birds have forgotten the strain
of yesterday’s song in their wings,
the better to ride today’s wind.

The sea slips blithely away with the sand
that would hold her, ensuring each tide
must come to a beach rearranged.

And, the waves, as well, we know
can only appear to be
exactly alike, yet we

return again
and again, each time
thinking ourselves unchanged.



  1. Dear Christine,
    I love this poem, and reread it from time to time. I see it and know it!

    • Christine Horner says:

      Thank you, Jeanne, for taking the time to comment and for your kind words. Feedback is so valuable to me as a writer, to know how a work is received by diverse readers, where I may have scored and where I may have failed.

  2. Jeanne Frost says:

    This is a lovely poem. Full of imagery and emotion, it evokes the feeling of endless change and nostalgia.

    • Christine Horner says:

      Mariene, thank you for your kind words. It is always a delight, and motivating, to know that something in one of my poems has “conntected” And, that support, isn’t that what Pen Women is all about!