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Poem of the Week: The Blanket Lady

Sheryl L. Nelms, Member at Large, Clyde, TX
she unwraps herself
from her stack
of blankets
folds each over
her left arm
and hobbles
into the Fort Worth Federal Building
in fifteen minutes
she shuffles back
out into the cold
standing on the steep steps
she rewraps
a blue one circles her waist
protecting her legs
a green one wraps around her shoulders
and a pink one lops over her arm
for her to sit on


Poem of the Week: Tuesday in New York City

Etta Schaeffer, Boca Raton, Florida


It was a beautiful September morning in The Big Apple
My son, my only child was at work.
He was in a building behind a church
and in the shadow of one of a pair of iconic skyscrapers.

Not yet nine o’clock in the morning
everything was quiet and normal,
then the first plane hit.
Everyone thought it was an accident.


Across the street and thirty stories high
the view was incomprehensible.
Seventy stories higher and across the street
people began to jump to escape.


He makes eye contact with a man falling toward the street below.
He is unable to speak or to move, frozen by what he is seeing.
A second plane attacks the other skyscraper.
He knows it’s time to get everyone out.


At ground level bodies litter the pavement like discarded rag dolls.
Stepping over them and around them is indescribable,
yet they do it, they get away stopping for nothing.
All they think about is surviving.


With time they will go on with life.
They know they will never forget
that beautiful Tuesday morning in
September in New York City.