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Flash Fiction “Non-musical anthem”

Non-musical Anthem

A proactive member of the human community, each day for me is testimony to renewal, commitment and recovery. As the fertile earth awaits new growth, my journey anticipates bright hours of hope and mindfulness.
My mission is open-ended. I will welcome new friends, cherishing the old. I will stimulate my spirit to fresh vistas and refresh my ongoing creativity, embracing my enduring values. In this changing world, I will nurture vitality and vitalize the lives I touch.
I will seek to thrive in peace and harmony and will my Self to Be all I have been and all I am.
Anna Di Bella
Past National President, NLAPW
All Cities Branch, NY

From Treanor Baring, Past Website Content Editor:

It has been my pleasure to work with many talented, competent and thoughtful women at NLAPW at the National Level. Thank you to all of the poets, writers, artists and members in music who have shared your talent with others through this blog. It has been a great honor to serve as the website editor for the NLAPW and to expand the audience for your work through the website and Pen Women Press.

I do expect that the new editors will continue to care as much about our mission and getting YOUR work out there as I have. I look forward to their contributions with the anticipation that they will maintain the quality, integrity and professionalism that we’ve initiated.