2016 Biennial Letters Awards

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Vinnie Ream Awards Banquet

Candace presents honorary membership to Cokie Roberts

Outgoing President Candace Long presents Cokie Roberts with honorary NLAPW membership. Photo by Judy Bingman

Cokie Roberts, distinguished journalist and TV broadcaster, received her certificate of honorary letters membership in NLAPW from President Candace Long at the Vinnie Ream Banquet. In her more than 40 years in broadcasting, Roberts has won countless awards, including three Emmys. She has been inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, and was cited by the American Women in Radio and Television as one of the 50 greatest women in the history of broadcasting.

After accepting her certificate, she delivered a lively talk on the Congressional debate that preceded Vinnie Ream being awarded the commission to sculpt the statue of Abraham Lincoln. Following the banquet, Roberts signed copies of her latest book, “Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Women of Washington 1848-1860,” in which Ream is included.

Vinnie Ream Awards

Mary Jo Beswick_Vinnie Ream Award_MultiDisc

Mary Jo Beswick

Winners of the 2015 Vinnie Ream Competition received their awards at the banquet on Thursday evening, April 28. The League was proud to honor the first-place winners. Each received a harp pendant in sterling silver with zirconia accents designed by Pen Woman artist Brenda Smith, along with a certificate and ribbon.:

who_Sarah Rickman_VR Letters Award for website

Sarah Rickman receives the Vinnie Ream Letters Award

Sarah Byrn Rickman, Letters
Judy Bingman, Art
Nancy Bloomer Deussen, Music
Mary Jo Beswick, Multidiscipline (Art and Letters)

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(Photos by Judy Bingman)


2016 Biennial Letters Award Winners

Category A – Marion Doyle Poetry Award
1st place: Nancy Haskett, “Crayola Memories”
2nd place: Jamie Morewood Anderson, “Twin Farms, Centre County, Pennsylvania”
3rd place: Cleo Griffith, “Wrap Her in a Doll Dress”

Category B – Marjorie Davis Roller Nonfiction Award
1st place: Mary Potter Kenyon & Mary Jedlicka Humston, “Mary & Me: A Lasting Link through Ink”
2nd place: Ellen E. Hyatt, “Anybody Got a Match?”
3rd place: Martha W. Steger, “Film Fakes: Books and Documents Used on Screen Get Encore…”

Category C – Norman E. & Marjorie J. Roller Award
1st place: Judy Ostrow, “Gardens at First Light”
2nd place: Martha W. Steger, “Birding the Virginia Backyard – and Beyond”
3rd place: Lynn M. Hansen, “Mermaids in the Mist”

Category D – Anita Marie Boggs Poetry Award
1st place: Jamie Morewood Anderson, “The Migrant Worker’s Daughter”
2nd place: Martha W. Steger, “Summer at City Point”
3rd place: Rosalind Lacy MacLennan, “Memory of My Sister Comes and Goes”

Category E-1 – Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award (Petrarchan Sonnet)
1st place: Jamie Morewood Anderson, “My English Granddad Wrote Italian Verse”
2nd place: Lois Betchelor Howard, “Sonnet To Sonance”
3rd place: not awarded

Category E-2 – Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award (Free Verse)
1st place: Nancy Haskett, “Baltimore: April 29, 2015”
2nd place: Pat Underwood, “Dusting Doll Dishes”
3rd place: Mary L. Gardner, “Living Underground”

Category F — Catherine Cushman Leach Poetry Award
1st place: Jamie Morewood Anderson, “Portholes, the Titanic Exhibition”
2nd place: Louise Kantro, “Turning Point”
3rd place: Patricia E. Noeth, “sky high crimson sky (haiku)”

Category G – Elizabeth M. Campbell Poetry Award
1st place: E. Shan Correa, “The Flavor of a Time”
2nd place: Dawn L. Spitz, “Legend of the Trees”

Category H – Helen Sutton Booth Memorial Poetry Award
1st place: Cleo Griffith, “Radiant Orchid” 2nd place: Carol White, “Fairy Tales – A Sestina”
3rd place: Patricia E. Noeth, “early morning fog (haiku)”

Category I — The Anne Marx Sestina Award
Nancy Haskett, “Hearts, Dreams and Hope”

Category J—Daytona Branch Short Fiction Award
1st place: Concetta Ciccozzi Doucette, “The Chicken Feet Society of One”
2nd place: Martha W. Steger, “A Near-Miss”
3rd place: Carol White, “Picture Perfect”

Category K – The Eudora Welty Memorial Award
1st place: Sarah Byrn Rickman, “Flight to Destiny”
2nd place: Connie Spittler, “The Erotica Book Club”
3rd place: not awarded

Category L — Central New York Branch 90th Anniversary Memoir Award
1st place: Martha W. Steger, “Hemingway’s Havana: My 2014 tour through the homes and haunts of the famous expatriate author”
2nd place: Marlowe Olson Arnold, “Remembering Mom”
3rd place: Lois Batchelor Howard, “After the Phone Call”

Category M – Journalism Award
1st place: Sandy Huff, “Edison’s Legacy”
2nd place: Martha W. Steger, “Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest: A Public Man’s Private Retreat”

Category N — Children’s Book Award
1st place: E. Shan Correa, “Gaff”
2nd place: Carolynn J. Scully, “Something Good Inside of Me”

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