Flash Fiction–Between Duty and Devotion


Sitting with John, my mind reflects back fifty years to the day of our marriage.

A hot August day in Maryland, sweating in his Navy uniform, then a short honeymoon, duty called.

John’s breathing coming hard and erratic. Last night he held my hand tight and gave a weak smile.

This morning nothing, simply curled in a fetal position, eyes shut and that deep, hard breathing.

I hold the form to sign for relieving him of his pain allowing him to die with dignity.

Sign for devotion or sign, as he would say, for duty.

By Mary F. Twitty
Boca Raton Branch


  1. http://Sheila%20Firestone says

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. http://cheri%20warzecha says

    Very Moving, without being over-sentimental…
    I like the way you built the tension in so short a piece,
    it is difficult to do. Right to the point with great love.

  3. Mary, this was touching…Beautiful.

    Michelle Putnik

  4. So powerful, I keep going back to reread. Brilliant it is.

  5. http://marlene%20klotz says

    The word “brilliant” perfectly describes this
    example of Flash Fiction at its finest.i

  6. http://marlene%20klot says

    You knocked it out of the park with this story, Mary.
    An entire story in just 100 words, which is the correct
    way to write Flash Fiction. Moreover, the level of
    feeling and sensitivity in terms of human emotions
    makes quite an impact.

  7. http://NLAPW says

    This is just plain brilliant. No more needs to be said.