Flash Fiction–Broken Vows

Broken Vows

Trevor raised his hand. “It only happened once. I promise.”

“Liar! You rat.” Olivia’s voice shook.

“Honey, calm down. We’ll work this out.”

“Don’t ‘honey’ me.” She hurled a crystal vase at his head. Missing, it shattered against the wall. “I said, ‘Get out.’”

“You can’t do this. It’s my home, too.”

Olivia hefted her waiting baseball bat. Trevor glowered, backed up, nearly tripping over the packed suitcase.

Music swelled; the scene faded.

Jane snapped off the TV, propped Howard’s golfclub against the sofa, eyed his overnight bag by the door. She was ready for her rat to come home.

Cindi Carroll
Pikes Peak Branch


  1. Gail Arno says:

    Cleverly written Cindi!

  2. This made me smile. Your branch hosts that great flash fiction contest.
    You can see why with your contribution ????

  3. I love the way this has a series of twists in it, right up to the end. Expertly done to make the baseball bat a golf club, the suitcase an overnight bag–it’s the little touches that make it perfect!

    • Thanks for your kind remarks. The topic has nothing to do with my personal life!
      I was in charge of judging and critiquing the Pikes Peak Chapter’s flash fiction contest. I thought I should try my hand at writing a complete story in 100 words.