Poem of the Week–Lightest Feather

The Lightest Feather

Like the lightest feather
from the smallest Tundra Swan,
I am wafted in slow motion
through eddies of wind
land upon whatever sort of binding
draws me near.

I lie upturned on a low leaf,
cousin to bubbles rising
in water where swans
paddle like automatons.

I ride on the turtle’s dark green shell,
to be picked up and hidden
as a prize by the magpie,
then toppled by the touch
of the squirrel’s whisker,
I land upon the hard-wrought
silken circle trap of the spider,
disappoint him, hungry as he is.

Loosened again,
I am enchanted, make dizzy loops
above poppies, lightly shadow their golden faces,
land upon ragged moss of an ancient log,
wait for the next inevitable

by Cleo Griffith
Modesto Branch, CA

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  1. How delightful it is when a reader can surrender to such deft craftsmanship and allow it to transport her/him
    to magical, transmutative states of being. What a wondrous, varied, multi-textured world Cleo inhabits in her poems.

    • Cleo Griffith says:

      Thank you for the wonderful review of my poem. I love this one, still feel myself floating when I read it. I
      honored my your kindness.
      Cleo Griffith

  2. Please note correction: this poem is by Cleo Griffith, the poet’s name was mispelled on the original post. Apologies for the mistake!–Treanor

  3. Thank you Lois and Sandra, I am so pleased by your comments and I am delighted to hear from members of other chapters. Happy creating!
    Cleo Griffith
    Modesto, CA Branch

  4. Cleo, what a perfectly beautiful poem. I have had the thoughts of this, but NEVER expressed so visually and enchantingly. Thank you beyond thanks. Your poem is lifting! I’ll keep looking for your writings.
    Lois, Palm Springs Branch

  5. Sandra Seaton Michel says:

    a delightful journey