From Down Under, a Sonnet by Jean Hull Hermann

Treanor Baring, web editor, at Black Cat Cafe

Treanor Baring, web editor, at Black Cat Cafe

Apologies for the radio silence from blog the last week. I have been on travel in Australia for business. If I could clone myself, I would have left the clone behind in North America. As it is, there is only me, winter and limited internet access. But Art must be served, so stay tuned for more poems and art as I get back on line. And be sure to visit our art gallery to see the 2014 National Biennial Art Exhibit.
–Treanor Baring
Web Editor


I think I’ve found a reason why I’d want to be a clone,
Or cloned, to put it properly – besides not being “alone.”
If I were one of many, I’d wear new clothes day and night,
Have rings and watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings bright.

One clone would wear my business suits, the discreet skirt and tie;
Another would look like Britney Spears’ clone –squeal! – they say: “She’s fly!”
The third would have all day to dress, perféct makeup and hair,
Choose curls, straight, Mohawk, limp, bouffant, wild colors, too – I’d swear

Each one was me, for so she’d be, and I’d be a fashionista.
I’ve got to say, this beats it all to hell with hats for Easter.

by Jean Hull Hermann
Diamond State Branch, DE


  1. Jeanie, Thanks for the delightful sonnet. I am sure my smile joined many others who wish to be more than one. identity is a funny thing iand lots of times we want to shed our old overcoat. Thanks for your change in wardrobe. maria keane