Poem of the Week–Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Murder is completely devastating
its reaching immeasurable
those killed
their families
their friends
the killer’s mother
the killer’s father
a heartbreak that surely will live in them
as long as those who lost loved ones…
death of young people
their dreams now dead
futures that have no future
families and friends who ever will have
a void, a hole, a grief beyond grief
losses that cannot be replaced
tragedy that defies description
shattered hearts…
I wonder where God was and
if there is a God.
If a God can create a beautiful flower,
lovely songbirds, a magnificent world…
and many of us are taught God can do anything,
where was God’s preventable power?
We credit God for the mystery and
mastery of birth. Does that balance
outweigh the imbalance of Elliot Rodger?
Of course not. Will any of us ever
learn what human killing is all about,
wherever, in schools, on city streets,
in countries, in wars, in world history?

by Lois Batchelor Howard
Palm Springs Branch, CA


  1. Kim Beardsley-Garrison says:

    Lois…another inspiring, thought-rendering, poem. Proud to be a fellow Palm Springs Pen Woman with you.

  2. Thank you for contributing this timely poem, “Santa Barbara.” Your last three lines sum up this tragedy and all the horrors every act of violence visits upon our world – senseless/horrific/inexplicable