Poem of the Week–My Size

My Size

I’m having trouble with my size.
My Closets are filled with clothing that’s my size.
There are women my size.
I have pictures of me in my size,
but me, I’m not my size.

what do I do?
I can’t look in the mirror without saying,
“How did I get to be this size?”
Now, mind you, I’m not fat,
oh, I’m not skinny either.
I’m sort of round where I was straight before.,
jiggly where I was solid.
you think this is foolish, it’s not foolish.

Women wear breath defying underwear.
Men hold their stomachs in until they turn blue.
What to do,
how to change?
Get a trainer,
stop eating carbs,
learn Yoga,
get hypnotized,
open a Hershey Bar,
savor the moment,
then move on

the next size.

by Etta Schaeffer
Boca Raton Branch, FL


  1. This is so true. ” what happened and where was I when it did?” Lol

  2. Love this poem! We’re all been there.

  3. Barb Whitmarsh says:

    I love this. I wrote a similar poem that I’m liable to toss at poor Treanor and see if she pub’s it. This is a GEM.
    Barb Whitmarsh
    St. Louis Branch NLAPW