Poem of the Week–Migratory Thoughts

Migratory Thoughts

We wake to a breeze carrying
the earth-smelling chrysanthemums
hearing a rustle of wings,
the katydids flee the back steps,
swooping down from
heights beyond the black crows,
the coo and brood
of pigeons lined up
on the wires
cherubim, dominion, thrones
not lost on the sky,
nor remorse that hungers
on regret
no movement beyond the scarecrow.
I tell you:
katydids are always in another state.
Remember their green grasshopper skeletons
like sheaths?
Remember how the Black Phoebe builds a nest—
mud, clay, and twigs?
and insects hum above it,
feast on slow grubs?

by Ariel Smart
Santa Clara Branch, CA

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  1. Ariel Smart’s poem transports me and gives flight to my spirit.

    Calder Lowe, Modesto branch

  2. Barb Whitmarsh says:

    A bright and hopeful poem.
    We have quite a few Crows ’round here.
    If you talk out to them they listen, very smart animals
    or I’m a little Cuckoo!
    B. Whitmarsh
    St. Louis Branch NLAPW

  3. This is beautifully written. The language is precise but not precious, and while it’s about everyday observations, it explores deeper connections. –Treanor