Poem of the Week–haiku and The Rope Swing at Wadleigh Pond

Cotton ball snowflakes
Powder the sleeping garden
Kitty grave blanket

by Linda A. Mohr
Boca Raton Branch, FL

The Rope Swing at Wadleigh Pond

The ancient pine tree leaned over the water
It’s gnarled roots visible up the worn path to the platform
A long rope hung from a thickened branch and
When it cut an arc through the summer air
The lads let out Tarzan screams of
Fearless, reckless abandon
“Let go, Let go
For one brief second
Flight, weightlessness, release
Plummeting downward
Swallowed by water
Scrambling upward for air
Gasping, grasping the rope to do it all over again.

Until one day in the blizzard of ’13
With no one to shout “Don’t go,
Don’t go
The tree weighted with snow,
It’s tired roots no longer able to hold
Finally, crashed into Wadleigh Pond
The arc of rope and tree now one
Now gone
Memories of summer fun and youthful bravado swing out into the future of their lives.

by Susan Bassler Pickford
Member-at-large, ME


  1. Two powerful poems. To me, the most difficult form of written expression is the poem and especially the haiku. Imagination casts a wide net and these ladies’ imagination captured me.

  2. Ruth Tussey says:

    Beautiful word pictures!