Good Books to read and a bonus poem

From Cleo Griffith, Modesto Branch, CA, comes this “What I’m Reading” list–always a treat!

“Hi, reading friends
I want to let you know about some great new books that are out:

Almost the Rowboat

by Kathleen McClung, Finishing Line Press . I attended the release reading of this in Berkeley, CA, an excellent compilation of poems. Ms. McClung is the judge/sponsor of the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition, sonnet division, sponsored by the NLAPW.

Crows Calling

by Mimi Moriarty of Clarksville, NY is another favorite of mine and I am honored to be one of the back-cover blurb-writers. FootHills Publishing

Unforced Rhythms

by Linda Marie Prather of Modesto, CA (NLAPW member) is a series of meditations on nature and her relationship with it. Beautiful writing, very personal. Finishing Line Press.

Coffee House Confessions

by Ellaraine Lockie, Sunnyvale, CA is a series of poems all of which have been written in coffee houses. She writes everyday in a coffee shop no matter where she is in the world. The portraits and ruminations are fascinating.

What I am reading now besides poetry: They Saw the Elephant, Women in the California Gold Rush by Jo Ann Levy, a fascinating collection of journal and letter accounts of the trips across the southern U.S. into California, including the statement by William Lewis Manly, a teamster who crossed three times through what is called now “Death Valley”:…ours were the first visible footsteps…(we) named it the saddest and most dreadful name that came to us first…”. But most of it is of and by women. University of Oklahoma Press. 1992.”

and a bonus poem:


On a last blank page
in a young adult library book
written by Salinger,

I found a perfect kiss,
a glossy lipstick imprint
of coral-toned approval

more surprising than
stark pink highlighting
on page one fifty,

and underlined words
sexual intercourse
on page forty nine

and blue ballpoint ink
beneath poignant passage
on page seven

just a mark she’d left
to let everyone know
she now understood

and would continue on,
having already made peace
with inevitability.

Kathleen Powers-Vermaelen
Suffolk County Branch NY


  1. Jeanne. Rochford says:

    Unusual subject for a poem.