Grants for Mature Women and a bonus poem

NLAPW, Inc. announces its call for applications for its Shirley Holden Helberg Grants for Mature Women. Given to non-member women over the age of 35, this prestigious grant of $1,000 in Art, Letters and Music will be awarded in 2014. Postmark deadline is October 31, 2013. To see guidelines and instructions for applying, click here to visit our Competitions page.

and a bonus poem for the week:

King Tutankhamun’s Chariot

It’s in excellent condition for its age, three-thousand-years old,
wooden with some thin leather reinforcements.
Such an ancient artifact in a sealed glass chamber.
I so badly want to smell the wood, touch the textures.
I remember going to my first grown-up movie at the theater in Malone, NY.
Up until then, I’d only seen Disney movies under the tutelage of my oldest sister.
But for Ben-Hur, Mom told my twin sister and me that we were old enough to go to the movies by ourselves. We were about eleven.
The movie was about 3 hours long and there was an intermission! We felt so old and empowered. We clearly wanted to behave ourselves so that Mom would let us go alone again.
We had our own money for candy and I remember going up to the counter to buy it.
My oldest sister had always bought us our candy.
We tried to make our pom-poms last as long as possible.
But back to the chariots! That was when I first saw them in action.
The chariot races in Ben Hur were fast, furious, and dangerous.
And here I am next to the chariot that King Tutunkaum used as a nine-year-old king.
I wonder if he felt as grown up as I did at the movies.

by Bobbie Panek
Central New York Branch, NY