2012 Biennial Letters Awards

NLAPW 2012 Biennial Letters Competitions Winners

Haiku Competition, Sponsored by the Cape Cod Branch

1st Place: Sandy Huff
Leaves quiver, shiver ( $50.00)

2nd Place: Sara Gibson
Frozen limbs of bared . . . ($25.00)

3rd Place: Christina Laurie
Sultry afternoon ($25.00)

Special Recognition:
Elizabeth Yahn Williams

Sara Gibson

Marion Doyle Poetry Award

1st place $100; 2nd place $75; 3rd-place $50.00; Hon mention @20. Each for three honorable mentions.

1st Place: Paula Adams Nelson
Birthday Gift

2nd Place: Linda Newman Woito
When I First Came Upon Deliverance

3rd Place: Lynn M. Hansen

1st Honorable Mention: Mary Lou Taylor
Sea Change

2nd Honorable Mention: Mary L. Gardner
Dream States

3rd Honorable Mention: Lorraine A. Vail
Leaving You


For best non-fiction article or book on any subject. First-place: $100; Second-place: $75; Third-place: $50. Three honorable mentions: $30 each.

1st Place: Jacqueline Grossman: Jacqueline G. Massing
Chased By Demons

2nd Place: Susan Bulanda
Faithful Friends: Holocaust Survivors Stories Of the Pets That Gave Them Comfort, Suffered Alongside Them, and Waited For their Return.

3rd Place: Dr. Audry Lynch
Recollections of a Poet’s Son: Garth Jeffers Remembers His Father, Robinson Jeffers

1st Honorable Mention: Judy Woods Knight
Secrets from An Army Wife

2st Honorable Mention: Mary Jedlicka Humston
See You Tomorrow

3nd Honorable Mention: Judy Richter
It Begins It Ends It Ends It Begins


For best article, story, or book on wildlife or outdoor life, exclusive of physical contact sports. First-place: $100.00; Second-place: $75. Third-place: $50. Three Honorable Mentions: $30 each.

1st Place: Mary C. Spittler
The Legend of Brooks Hollow

2nd Place: Lois Batchelor Howard
Nothing To Do

3rd Place: Martha W. Steger
Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Virginia’s Birding & Wildlife Trail

1st Honorable Mention: Ann Newton Holmes
The Fossil

2nd Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Grossman
The Bird’s Nest

Anita Marie Boggs Memorial Poetry Award

1st Place: Linda Newman Woito
Dreaming #13

2nd Place: Jean M. Aloe
Alice Meets the Wizard

3rd Place: Mary L. Gardner
First Tools

1st Honorable Mention: Fay Picardi
From the Outside . . . In

2nd Honorable Mention: Christina Laurie
Dave’s Going Away Present

3rd Honorable Mention: Mary Sue Koeppel Wishes

Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award

Free Verse

1. Christina Laurie
The Rape
2. Lorraine A. Vail
The Grandmother
3. Lynn M. Hansen

Mary L. Gardner 1st Honorable Mention

Maria Keane 2nd Honorable Mention

Rosalind Lacy MacLennan

Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award

Petrarchan Sonnet

1st place: Ellen McNeal
The Intruder

2nd Place: Rosalind Lacy MacLennan
Prayer for the United States Congress and Our President

3rd Place: Marlowe Olson Arnold

(No Honorable Mentions Here. There were a number of entries – but a single person cannot win more than one prize in a single category)

Catherine Cushman Leach Poetry Award

1st Place: Mary Jedlicka Humston

2nd Place: Elizabeth Yahn Williams
To My Slothful Self

3rd Place: Dianalee Velie
Jesus Greets Janis


For a poem written in Traditional Form. First-place: $100; Second-place: $50; Third-place: $30; Honorable Mention: $20.

1st Place: Lorraine A. Vail
A Child Sleeps

2nd Place: Elizabeth Yahn Williams
Marc Chagall: One Man Opera

3rd Place: Ellen McNeal
The Boneyard’s Wife

Honorable Mention: Carolynn J. Scully

Helen Sutton Booth Memorial Poetry Award

1st place $150.00, Second place $100, 3rd place $50 three honorable mentions $30.00

1st Place: Linda Newman
Meditations for an Aging Lover

2nd Place: Ariel Smart
A Good Man Is Hard to Find

3rd Place: Ellen McNeil
The Year I Was Veronica Lake

1st Honorable Mention: Rosalind Lacy MacLennan
Still Life

2nd Honorable Mention: Margaret J. Vann

3rd Honorable Mention: Judith Crystal
Standard Time

Mattie Tyler Flash Fiction Award

1st place $100.00; 2nd place $ 50.00; 3rd Place – $30.00; Hon Mention – $20.00.

1st place: Ronni Miller
The Pine Tree

2nd Place: Claudia Ware
A Book of Stamps

3rd Place: Virginia Nygard
On Wings Of Love

Honorable Mention: Barbara Bixon
Ten Crayons

Honorable Mention: Mary Hoffman

Walker Prose Poem Award

1st Place – $100.00; Second Place $60.00; 3rd Place $40.00.

1st Place: Jean M. Aloe
Heaven As They Liked It

2nd Place: Martha W. Steger
Emyl Jenklins: Pixie Dust In Her Writer’s Space

3rd Place: Jacqueline M. Loring
When the World Is Purple

Anne Marx Sestina Award

$250.00 Award:

Winner: Lorraine A. Vail
Moon Magic

The Madeline Mason Sonnet Award

$100.00 Award
Bet Wooten

The Eudora Welty Memorial Award

1st Place – $100.00; 2nd place – $50.00; 3rd Place $35.00

1st place – Pamela Binnings Ewen

2nd Place – Dr. Alice A. Moerk

3rd Place – DeAnn Lubell

One-Act Play Award

1st Place $100; 2nd Place $50.00; 3rd Place #30.00 ; Honorable Mention $20.00

1st Place: Lois Batchelor Howard
Que Diran?

2nd Place: Jean M. Aloe
Amazing Grace

3rd Place: Jacqueline M. Loring
Fight for Right and Freedom

Honorable Mention: Myrtle Nord
The Open Door